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Super Exercise Training

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Super Exercise Training - Key Features

Super exercise

A super exercise is a movement routine I selected and cherrypicked. This routine or exercise has distinct characteristics- easy to learn and do. Simple. Short. Effective and efficient. Completely safe to perform. It can be performed and accessed at any age, in any location, and at any time. Trains many components of physical movement. Looks and feels ageless. It is backed by experience and science. It can be easily turned into a short daily habit. Has survival and all-out possibilities. I presented in the book 14 groups of super exercises. This is our inventory of exercises. From this inventory, we pick the exercises. After fully understanding their benefits, we start doing them daily in short bouts. We spread those short bouts throughout our daily flow. The super exercise starts to positively influence and shape your body when done daily and sometimes several times a day. One can pick any exercise from other inventories, but remember that in super exercise training, we pick up a carefully selected exercise, and more importantly, we commit to a lifelong engagement with it. So pick wisely.  
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Vitamins rich

We try every day to provide the body/mind with all the necessary, obligatory, and vital components and elements of movement ( I call those- vitamins of movement).
The three environments- trees/climbing, ground, and water.
The ten components of movement- speed/agility, strength, coordination, balance, endurance, flexibility, posture, fascia, breathing, and mind.
The five heights, 360 degrees, the three pairs, and the mental/ emotional attributes.
We carefully select super exercises that cover all those components/vitamins daily. The knowledge of those vitamins, combined with understanding the easy and accessible ways to consume them, makes our training smart, time efficient, and cost-effective.
If we manage to exercise and train all of the vitamins daily, then, by definition, we become holistically fit. We become generalists, and our bodies/minds can exhibit our entire movement repertoire. Because super exercise training is so time efficient, we can still practice, train, and progress in our specialties. I specialize nowadays in skateboarding, surfing, and calisthenics.

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Daily lifelong

All the excellent movers worldwide have one critical and fundamental thing in common- they train/practice daily. This group includes animals, children, athletes, and many others. The secret to success in any field is perseverance. Dailiness is vital if you want to become good at anything. In super exercise training, we set our minds from the outset and commit to daily lifelong training. That is how animals move; that is how older adults with excellent fitness move. Super exercises are always short, easy, simple, accessible, and efficient, making it possible to stick to them for the rest of your life. The dailiness enables us to slowly adapt to the exercise and become better at doing it. Doing an exercise every day is the best and only way to ensure that we will continue to do it all our lives.

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Survival oriented

Animal movement is all about survival. Modern human movement, on the other hand, is not. Unfortunately, we will face survival situations in our life- falling, escaping, evading, being attacked, jumping over an obstacle, lifting or pushing a heavy object. In these situations, we will have to react quickly and wisely. Preparing ourselves in advance is a wise thing to do. And it should be the first thing you pay attention to when you train. Survival always comes first.
Only after we dedicate some time daily to survival-oriented training can we move on to other sorts of activity.
Many super exercises and their variations are geared towards survival-oriented training.

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Animalistic / Childlike

the movement of animals and children always comes from within. It is intrinsic, spontaneous, instinctive, and intuitive. Very often, it involves interacting with the environment.
When animals and children move, they do so freely, and they do not abide by any outside rules, regulations, or trainers.
Exercising like this will have immense benefits. Your movement will be more attuned and precise. Your training will be more creative and more flowing. Children and animals move everywhere and anytime, not only in designated places at designated times with a designated trainer/teacher.
In super exercise training, we become child-like in that we move and train creatively and take it easy.

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Everyone Anywhere

Super exercise training was designed from the outset to accommodate everyone and to be done anywhere. Because of the nature of super exercises, they make themselves available to anyone. The world is one big playground. When we internalize this insight, our movement options explode with possibilities. The car, the working place, the street, standing in line, the kitchen… any place can be turned into an opportunity to move wisely.
The inventory of super exercises can also be used, as I explain in the book, by the elderly or people with chronic diseases and health challenges.

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Diversity, variations, experimentations, and creativity are key factors in super exercise training. We never move in preplanned straight lines. We never move in a preplanned timeframe for a preplanned duration. We never move in the same place all the time. We constantly add variations to every exercise. We always explore new possibilities. We could move like this when we were children. Luckily everybody still has this inner capacity to create and diversify movement. Doing so ensures that our brains will also show up to the party. The brain decides in real time how to change, how to variate, how long to train, which exercises to choose, in which order, how to progress etc.; variety and diversity safeguard us from boredom, mental fatigue, and burnout, causing us to drop out of the game. Super exercise training doesn’t negate any other form or system of moving and training. By all means, continue whatever preplanned activity. Owing to the short duration of super exercises, they can be easily added on top of whatever activity, sport, or hobby you are already doing.

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Connective Tissue / Breathing

Connective tissue and breathing represent two primal, a priori principles of movement. Our connective tissue is responsible for our structure. Without it, we will be a gross bundle of organs and muscles lying on the floor. Without proper structure, there is no adequate function i.e, movement.
Once there is a structure, then the next important thing is breathing. The movement of our lungs is a mandatory first step in any movement we make. That is why super exercise training emphasizes learning and training those two.
Many systems of movement have neglected this duo. Luckily, not anymore. More and more people understand the immense benefits of cultivating your connective tissue and breathing. Breathing exercises are the most accessible exercises. They can be easily turned into a daily habit, and the possibilities for progress and growth are infinite.
Paying attention to your fascia and connective tissue will support and enhance graceful aging and allow pain-free flexible movement.

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Growth Mind Set

Learning, curiosity, focus, progressing, memorizing , writing, accepting challenges and learning from failures are terms associated with a “growth mind set”. In super exercise training we put an emphasis on learning and widening our knowledge.
We try not to move like robots on a treadmill but rather understand what we are doing and remaining open to some new concepts, open to some new ways to move, open to change. A growth mind set is very common when we are young and we slowly accumulate more knowledge, more experience, more money more children…
Unfortunately the majority of the population is not enjoying this rejuvenating mind set in their movement routines.
You can access this ageless mind set by simply starting one super exercise and slowly through the years become better and better and grow in this exercise only. Copy paste your growth mind set from other fields to your movement routine. It will immensely support and motivate you, keeping yourself fresh, youthful, curious and engaged.

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Anti Aging Trajectory

Super exercise training takes into account the whole life cycle since I’m a family physician. If we want to enjoy lifelong fitness, our training must be low impact. This will safeguard us from injuries and fatigue. The best and most straightforward way to ensure low impact and thus allow us to train daily is by radically shortening the exercise duration.  The dailiness of exercising ensures that the movement patterns exercised will serve you all of your life, creating legendary fitness by the time you turn 50 and beyond. The basic exercises ( the three nn) are classical anti-aging exercises since they directly point diectly up, negating and bypassing our structural decline as we age.
Most super exercises have an ageless appearance, meaning people will not be able to tell your age when you do them. Paying great attention to your connective tissue and your breath will form a solid base, providing you with many years of excellent fitness.
Moving in a child-like manner combined with a growth mindset will keep you in great shape and support your brain’s health throughout your life.

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The three NN / The three ANN

Hanging, squatting, and rebounding compromise a prestigious group which I call “the three non-negotiables,” as I think that anybody in his right mind should do them daily.
I recommend understanding and learning deeply what are the benefits of those exercises.
They are so powerful that you can do just those three daily and reach excellent fitness levels at any age.
The three almost non-negotiables are excellent exercises that give super exercise training some unique flavor as you will not find those exercises commonly done by anyone. Still, in my experience, they belong to the ivory league of exercises, enabling the body to move in a loose yet powerful manner for many years.

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Mental Emotional Attributes

Flow, joy, mindfulness, growth mindset, grit, motivation, competitiveness, playfulness, curiosity, novelty, creativity, resiliency, focus, alertness, satisfaction, wisdom, and imagination… are all human attributes accompanying physical activity. They color
our movement and many times give it meaning and purpose. In super exercise training, we learn about those attributes and try to awaken them in us while or immediately after moving, as it enriches our lives and supports us in other aspects and domains of our lives.

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Learning the Basics

The starting point where i briefly explain the outline of super exercise training and how to use this website.

Animals have excellent fitness. can we learn why? and more importantly, can we translate the characteristics of animal movement into human movement and achieve animalistic fitness? In this video, I answer these questions and present the unique features of animal movement that we can easily incorporate into our daily movement routines.

Gaining deep knowledge of human movement will infuse meaning into your movement. you will actually know the why and how. this will support the wise, precise, and efficient movement, covering all the components of movement and fully understanding the principles and scope of super exercise training.

What is a super exercise? And how to practically move wisely every day, covering the entire repertoire of human movement and gaining ageless fitness? By understanding my solution to the question - how can anyone achieve ageless fitness? You can start the system right away, the tutorial ends with 1 minute, 2 minutes, and five minutes examples of a very short duration of training.

How to start?

Understand and learn the principles of ‘set’ by reading the book and watching the basic three videos

pick one or more  super exercises after understanding deeply their benefits

you can choose any exercise. I recommend starting with the 3 non-negotiables and the 3 almost non-negotiables

start exercising them on a daily basis

commit yourself to turn every exercise into a daily lifelong habit (or for at least 12 years like a first grader)

perform the exercise wherever, whenever in short bouts of seconds to minutes long

commit to a very slow growth and progressing trajectory

slowly build a movement routine that includes the full repertoire of movwment and the full repertoire of mental-emotional attributes of movement

track your super exercises thru the years by using our tracker as you progress add more variations, seconds, repetitions

The Super Exercises Tutorials

The 3 Non Negotiables

The best exercise ever (in my opinion). this tutorial will jumpstart you into engaging with this immortal, simple and efficient movement. thus achieving lifelong monkey fitness and shaping your body to be long, narrow, and thin.

The best ground exercises ever. learn about its numerous benefits and start rebounding today. cultivate your agility, balance, and posture, and enjoy a child-like state of mind.

A must exercise for keeping our lower body healthy, strong, and mobile. learn about variations and deeply understand why this movement is so beneficial.

The 3 Almost Non Negotiables

Coming from far away China, this light, soft whole body exercise group will keep your body loose, mobile, and ready to move around. These exercises also train the body to be ready for survival situations.

Meet “the wave.” by creating a wavelike movement that runs thru our body, we provide our body with a movement that will support a healthy, robust, and fully functioning spine and shoulders and, at the same time, create a coordinated movement with many variations that will cultivate our connective tissue.

The best strengthening exercise. period. unknown to many, this exercise shines above all others. it can be done anywhere by anyone on a daily basis and can be a gamechanger if you stick to it and understand the scope of this exercise.

The Portals

Connective tissue / Fascia portal

Taking care of our
connective tissue
is a crucial element
of graceful aging.

Breathing Exercises Portal

breathing was our first movement in life. It is in the background of everything we do, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

About Dr. (MD) Michael Herling

Dr. Herling was born in 1966 and graduated from medical school in Israel ( Tel-Aviv University) in 1990.
Completed an internship in family medicine and works as a family medicine specialist since 2001.
Has sub-specialties in palliative care, Chinese medicine, and functional medicine.
Served as a doctor in infantry units in the Israeli defense force.
Is in a relationship with lovely Keren and has four children.
Is an avid mover with an extensive background in martial arts.
Teaches chi-kung and, whenever possible, surfs and skates.

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