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Dr. Michael Herling's (M.D.)
Wise, efficient, ageless fitness


The best strengthening exercise. period. unknown to many, this exercise shines above all others. it can be done anywhere by anyone on a daily basis and can be a gamechanger if you stick to it and understand the scope of this exercise.

Meet “the wave.” by creating a wavelike movement that runs thru our body, we provide our body with a movement that will support a healthy, robust, and fully functioning spine and shoulders and, at the same time, create a coordinated movement with many variations that will cultivate our connective tissue.

Coming from far away China, this light, soft whole body exercise group will keep your body loose, mobile, and ready to move around. These exercises also train the body to be ready for survival situations.

A must exercise for keeping our lower body healthy, strong, and mobile. learn about variations and deeply understand why this movement is so beneficial.

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