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breathing was our first movement in life. It is in the background of everything we do, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Cultivating our breath by  investing time and energy into a life long learning and practice is a gamechanger. Breathwork will support and enhance every aspect of your life.

They are available to all of us anytime, anywhere, since we already breathe ( ihope) all the time.

We start our journey into this fascinating aspect of life by first regaining, if needed, our natural breathing pattern.

Then we commence to breathing exercises.

In this portal you will find many options and possibilities of breathwork.

If you are new/beginner than start in a stepwise fashion working  your way thru the years  to longer and more complex practice.

 If, for the time being , you don’t have the time and energy for the stepwise process  than, by all means, keep in touch with this crucial element of fitness by doing short very simple breathing exercises throughout the day like box breathing, Qi Qong slow stretches and slow abdominal breathing.

First step - natural breath

  • Through the nose
  • Using the diaphragm as you main breathing muscle
    ( i.e. diaphragmatic/abdominal/deep breathing)
  • Slow. Aim to 10-15 breath per minute and even less
  • Smooth
  • Use these tutorials to assist you

Second step - educate yourself about breathing


Third step - breathing exercises


Additional Resources


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