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Dr. Michael Herling's (M.D.)
Wise, efficient, ageless fitness


What is a super exercise? And how to practically move wisely every day, covering the entire repertoire of human movement and gaining ageless fitness? By understanding my solution to the question - how can anyone achieve ageless fitness? You can start the system right away, the tutorial ends with 1 minute, 2 minutes, and five minutes examples of a very short duration of training.

Gaining deep knowledge of human movement will infuse meaning into your movement. you will actually know the why and how. this will support the wise, precise, and efficient movement, covering all the components of movement and fully understanding the principles and scope of super exercise training.

Animals have excellent fitness. can we learn why? and more importantly, can we translate the characteristics of animal movement into human movement and achieve animalistic fitness? In this video, I answer these questions and present the unique features of animal movement that we can easily incorporate into our daily movement routines.

The starting point where i briefly explain the outline of super exercise training and how to use this website.

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